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My new ghoul! by Loved13 My new ghoul! by Loved13
so i created a new ghoul in MH idk who her Monster parent is ill keep looking and update this this took me 5 days and i really hope it was worth it (cuz i love this girl) her pet was really easy to do took about 5 minutes and i colored her all on some magic part of photoshop i adore her hair idk if i've done an oc with straight hair instead of curly or wavy but i like every aspect on her
Drawn by :iconloved13:
colored by :iconloved13:
hope you like her!!

:squee: update!!! :squee:

I have found her MH parent is a skeleton she isnt your normal skeleton she looks like a normie with bright white skin bio alert


Daughter of the skeletons

Age: Not sure but never ask a woman about her age

Killer Style: rocker and punk but i add tons of accessories and have a special twist i also love piercings

Freaky Flaw: If I go outside in the sun you can see me as a full skeleton i'm wearing all my clothes i just look like a full skeleton that's why i prefer indoors.

Favorite color: i like light colors

Favorite food: I eat all the time and i don't gain weight it like the food goes "right through me"

Biggest Pet Peeve: when my hands and arms fall off

Favorite Activity: Hanging with my ghoul friends and shopping I love Rot Topic!

Pet: i had a pet dog stitches but when it died a few years ago i asked around and had it remade like a zombie dog one perk i came with a blob ghost mump.

Favorite school subject: Biteology i love learning about monster bodies ^^

Least Favorite School Subject: Dead languages is only good for one thing. Sleeping!!
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Sweet Puppy:D
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:D thank you
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August 29, 2012
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